Back to back

Well hello... Back again.. I have had a crazy year but I aam so happy that I have overcome. And I have got a new addition to my lil family too a lil mini me I just cannot believe how gooood God is.. I missed the blog so thought I would drop a line after all these ages.. I need to set up swedish so that i can write in swedish too cus the autocorrect is not happening it is so annoying at the moment. I wanted to write this post about so many things but I actually struggle to write about certain things so i will just take baby steps as I embark on my blogging.. I am currently chilling at home Saturday evening my lil princess is sleeping and my lil prince the Kingis just getting in the shower by himself wow cant believe how big he is now I must be getting old.. I have this lingering feeling that life is passing me by.. I am just sitting back observing as everyday comes and goes. Hmmm well as I am on maternity leave this year I have decided to do inner and outer cleansing. Get my head organised, slow down, get out of the hype and really sit back reflect and make decisions and align my focus. I now have two kids looking at their mummy for everything its so crazy that the lil girl i was once upon a time is gone and now im almost 30 and just realising that i am actually getting mature in adulthood.. I am.sipping on my blended ginger with hot water to beat the cold and stesdy googling everything i eat and how it affdcts breastfeeding haha. This coming year bring 2018 I really want to love the life i live and love myself and fill everything with things and people i love! So cheers to love and preparing for 2018 x ps hade ingen bild men hade precis laddat ner denna gamla bild haha fran ett pbotoshoot jag gjorde nagra ar sen lol
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