Glam Bedroom Decor

Anybody that truly knows me knows that I am a sucker for glam decor! I love it!! I love glitter gold, diamonds and all that gorgeous stuff it is literally life. So... I am redecorating at home and I have been looking around for nice ideas etc. and of course moving around furniture and stuff to make my visions come to life. Now I am no millionaire and I have to budget my splurges etc. but that should not stop anybody from pampering themselves and making your home space your sanctuary! So my starting points are the kid's bedroom, then my bedroom then I want to move to the bathrooms and start to really deck them out. I am thinking Champneys spa kind of feeling. I will be updating the blog on my progress! So far I have bought a new bed for my son which is a desk bunk bed kind of bed and he absolutely loves it! He has started private maths and English so I really needed a place where he could focus and study hard without getting distracted and disturbed. Might take a pic when I get home but this is the bed anyway :) Now I have gone for a grey and blue coloured theme so I bought a cute chair pillow in grey and some grey boxes for the bottom that did not fit so I just put them in his wardrobe and I will look for boxes that will fit in at the bottom two compartments of the shelves. I am also looking to add some nice wallpaper behind the bed to add a bit of contrast because all the walls are white at the moment.
Next, I want to sell all his Cars theme furniture, my son was crazy about the Cars movie so the whole theme was based on that but he is getting older now and it is time for a change!
I also got myself a new bed in my bedroom I am soo in love this bed is amazing, I recently sold my bedside tables to get new ones that match my future plans hehe.
This is my new bed is it not amazing <3 So now I am just going to get one new bed then I will move on to the next :)  Oh yes I should probably mention I am obsessed with white so my whole place is basically white but will share some pics soon!!
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