Weight loss Epsom salts??

So I already use Epsom salts to bathe but these are apparently supercharged but I could not try it yet it says not suitable for pregnancy 😒 So I will keep them but the normal Epsom salt I use apparently also helps with weight loss and detox didn’t even know that I just knew it always made me relax and soothe my muscles so bonus for that! I am going to use my Victoria secret tomorow this one is my absolute favourite it is quite sweet and summery 🌸
 Now after a sweet soothing bath all that is needed is some organic chamomile tea and my sweet bed 🛏 💤 😴 
This cute cup tho 🐶 reminds me, I want a Pomeranian so bad if any of you have one how are they like to have? 
 Sweet dreams 😘
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