Heloo i read a couple really nice blogs today was so intrigued. I always get the feeling that we should be doing more for people in the third world because although we feel like we are doing charity we are the reason they need charity.. Nestle makes most from selling water and they buy up scarce water sources in poor countries then sell the water back to these of poorest people in the world really? We use up natural resources at an alarming rate and pay those people next to nothing, we damage the environment because we are not the ones to feel the consequences first hand.. we live in a culture of extreme wastage where we throw so much away at the expense or others resources.. I always wonder what can I do I am just one person.. Like when I see documentaries on animal cruelty yet refuse to go vegan because its hard.. at some point I.have to deny obvious facts to feel better.. truth is I know that the industrial back streets are dirty very very dirty.. big companies lie and play on our concious and because we want to please our concious we pretend to believe their lies so that we can carry on and function in day to day habits.. I want to break free but then I think.what the heck I cant live under a stone and become a farmer! Or can I haha no not for day.. I complain because I buy organic and its bloody expensive and I complain because of this and that truth is im spoiled and its next to impossible for my compassion alone to move me to give up all my daily luxuries so that someone else can have the basics after all out of.sight out of mind but its horrible to acknowledge.. I feel that its my right after all I worked for it but the truth is someone else slaved for it yes if I knew how many of my clothes was manufactured fairly Id be happy but the truth is I dont want to know and that sucks and its because I feel helpless.. But am I? Could i make a difference? Buying ethical and organic is a trend yes and lets celebrate that not stigmatise it but how do we kickstart a revolution everybody knows that big corporations did not get big by being nice guys or playing fair they got big because they are ruthless merciless monsters of course not all but the ones that have climbed on blood on their way to the top to a point of almoat monopoly. I will try day by day but people need to understand the power in boycott and sharing this importance for now love and light 😘
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