Body SHop

I have not been blogging forever... Well since my mom passed... Just couldn't really express that for a while but I suppose it is accepted now. I love writing and I am glad I can sit and express myself again I just love typing on the keyboard into the internet jungle where your words echo as if spoken into the universe except the records are digital. I believe that everything spoken out into universe has been recorded though which is kind of an interesting philosophy... Anyway so much has been going on and I have had so much to write about just haven't really had the mindset to just sit down and actually acknowledge all the thoughts and emotions going on :)
I have been busy working towards my business ventures and I am so excited because my maternity leave has started as well and so much other stuff. But I am here chilling. Just wanted to write up a bit it is so refreshing!
I have started watching vloggers as well, I am actually falling in love with Youtube and starting my own channel but it takes forever to upload videos what is up with that seriously. So my youtube channel will be called Azalea Sweetness and I want to change my blog to that too, actually, I'm changing my blog to my own website so will be updating that soon too! Now I am off to get my little ray of sunshine from school <3 
I was at a fundraising ball last weekend and took a selfie which is like a miracle lol I don't know why this pic makes me look so oriental like jasmine from Aladdin or something haha
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