Slimmingworld ❤️ Day 1


So yesterday I binged like crazy it was horrible I have been so stressed last week and to top it off arguments with my loved one and I just went on a rampage eating donuts, I had mint hot chocolate which has milk, I ate crisps or all kinds yeah even the baby’s crisps 🙄 I ate a full bar of King size Marabou I had like 3 kanebullar/cinnamon rolls and like felt absolutely shit afterward. But the problem is that it affects my health my joints are paining now and I’m not feeling well at all.. my wrists are aching and I felt almost feverish having to lie down yesterday even though I had so much to do so yeah really bad couple of days! But as we do 💅🏼 😌 I have had my pity party moment now I’m ready to get back on my horses and come back stronger! I have not really got a problem with my weight obv I’pregnant and I would not like go on diets or something. But this is even more reason why I need to conquer my food anxiety or should I say unhealthy relationship with food. It is not medicine for stress neither is it consolidation for sadness it is medicine for life and good health it is nutrition and life itself.. Food is fuel and goodness and most of all food is love.. and that most certainly does not include bombastic amounts of sugar loaded products and chemically manufactured oils and unhealthy fats, junk food and high salt food products it does not! I hate when people say oh you are pregnant it whatever you like! No! That is so wrong a lot of sweeteners such as aspartame is so damaging and many chemicals are now proven to be linked to cancer and the list goes on! But having unhealthy relationships with food draws you to the unhealthy foods! I would never starve myself I love my food but I am determined to cut out everything that is not good for my baby or my body!! Sooo slimmingworld has a really good  food plan but I am going for the maintain option not weight loss option because I’m pregnant but it simply offers support and advice on better food choices and healthy lifestyle adjustments and most importantly a healthy relationship with food 🙂

I am also aware of the benefits of being active while pregnant and I was pursuing the bronze award I wrote about some posts ago but that went down the drain because I mistakenly upgraded the app to go for gold so when I hit the bronze targets I still didn’t get the medal so I have to start over again 😏 which is ok I need a reset! 

So I will be posting my food diary everyday and sometimes I will make it insta pretty but not always lol this is more for me log what I’m
eating to understand my triggers! If you want to join me there is a cost to join slimmingworld but otherwise every encouragement is appreciated - so for new beginnings 🥂 

PS I will also be posting my daily workouts and my scale results as well as motivational quotes and features that are helping me along the way ❤️ 

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