I’m in love with the coco...nut 🥥

Me and  my bestie aka son first born love of my life 🤱🏻👩‍👦made the nicest brownies  😍 Gluten free and dairy free of course 👩🏻‍🌾 made with mostly coconut really which made it naughty but nice 👍🏼 and I suppose kinda tropical 🏝 😂
Recipe is is easy as well, I just mix 4 eggs with 100ml coconut sugar then I melt 300g dark chocolate with 100ml coconut milk and 100ml coconut sugar then I add 200ml coconut flour to the eggs and mix once mixed I add the hot chocolate sauce which helps with the grainy texture of the coconut flour so much it really softens the texture then I mix in 1 teaspoon vanilla essence and 1 teaspoon sea salt. Simples!
We enjoy this sweet weekend treat with Swedish dairy free ice cream 🦄 So proud to pick up this bad boy since I’m not in Sweden  🇬🇧 and oh gosh I checked the calories it’s really low like 100kcal per 100g or something! Win win! 👍🏼
So with that we enjoyed our nice Saturday movie and I hope you all have a cosy and lovely weekend as well!
Happiness is a choice always remember that lovies 😘
One thing I am trying to work on now Is healthy portions me before would have finished the tin but appreciating the tastes and indulging more in each bite helps me feel kore content apparently its a French style of eating 🤨
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