Dear old blog :)
Another day another day, today is mid-week where I feel like I have conquered half and got half to go. Luckily I have just got less than 4 hours to go! For lunch, I had a salmon salad and I bought the monthly edition of HELLO! Fashion edition with all the goodies regarding fashion. I am kind of out of the running at the moment as I am pregnant and looking just about ready to pop. I don't see the point in buying lots of maternity clothes, I'd rather save and spend that on fine looking outfits once I get my body back :) I am happy trying to manage whatever will stretch enough for me to squeeze into... Went to a wedding last Saturday so had to do some shopping though but otherwise, it feels like I have not been shopping in forever... Speaking of Forever, as I am going on maternity leave I am so keen to start focusing on my business, I went for one of those 3 min business pitches and I am so eager to hear back what they will tell me. I will just have to wait and see :) Forever, on the other hand, have such amazing products and I can't wait to get my packages and other stuff. I am looking for my existing supplements to finish then I will try to focus more on developing that business as well. Writing really helps me structure my thoughts it is almost therapeutic and it is only when I start writing it that I can feel the difference. I suppose with an online blog I don't write personal stuff but more just random stuff that passes time on my spare time. I have recently started actually checking out other blogs and depending on how consistent I will be with this blog I am hoping to start capturing the stuff I love and adding more pictures. I am actually content with my blog being a page on the unknown cyber world it feels quite funny when I go back and read blog posts from years ago it kind of like a flashback. I just love how writing can be so casual and I can just write whatever comes to mind not trying to conform or adhere to any guidelines. Feels much more liberating, I am just able to write all sorts of crap that comes to my thoughts and leave it there. Having said that, I am actually in the middle of a team meeting that is taking ages to get started lol. So getting paid while blogging haha in some way :P Anyway meeting is kicking off so will write again when I next feel the urge haha before when I tried to blog I had so many specifications and requirements and it never worked for me it kind of discouraged me. Now I just want to write for the sake of writing. For my own therapy, and my love for writing is immediately building up again and I love it! I wish myself a very happy and relaxing rest of day and will check in at some point. Until then dear blog be good haha
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