Glam Bedroom Decor

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Anybody that truly knows me knows that I am a sucker for glam decor! I love it!! I love glitter gold, diamonds and all that gorgeous stuff it is literally life. So... I am redecorating at home and I have been looking around for nice ideas etc. and of course moving around furniture and stuff to make my visions come to life. Now I am no millionaire and I have to budget my splurges etc. but that should not stop anybody from pampering themselves and making your home space your sanctuary! So my starting points are the kid's bedroom, then my bedroom then I want to move to the bathrooms and start to really deck them out. I am thinking Champneys spa kind of feeling. I will be updating the blog on my progress! So far I have bought a new bed for my son which is a desk bunk bed kind of bed and he absolutely loves it! He has started private maths and English so I really needed a place where he could focus and study hard without getting distracted and disturbed. Might take a pic when I get home but this is the bed anyway :) Now I have gone for a grey and blue coloured theme so I bought a cute chair pillow in grey and some grey boxes for the bottom that did not fit so I just put them in his wardrobe and I will look for boxes that will fit in at the bottom two compartments of the shelves. I am also looking to add some nice wallpaper behind the bed to add a bit of contrast because all the walls are white at the moment.
Next, I want to sell all his Cars theme furniture, my son was crazy about the Cars movie so the whole theme was based on that but he is getting older now and it is time for a change!
I also got myself a new bed in my bedroom I am soo in love this bed is amazing, I recently sold my bedside tables to get new ones that match my future plans hehe.
This is my new bed is it not amazing <3 So now I am just going to get one new bed then I will move on to the next :)  Oh yes I should probably mention I am obsessed with white so my whole place is basically white but will share some pics soon!!

Back at it again :)

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Haven't been blogging for a little while now, just been so busy travelling and redecorating at home.. Back at work now feels so long I am longing for the day I am running my own business!! I need to be a boss without a boss lol not a boss with a boss haha anyway that is what I am working toward which is helping me not to splurge with my salary because the Lord knows how many designer bags I have been drooling over this summer sale!
Was in Regent park with my girlfriend this week and I loved it, so many new stores :O Where have I been??
Anyway, I am planning to do some shopping next weekend, I want to pop to Knightsbridge have not been there for ages. 
I just feel like I am working and going home to work endlessly which is getting so boring. I finally got myself a housekeeper so hopefully, that will free up some of my time to enjoy myself - I need it :P 
I am so happy I took off those mighty long nails gosh!! Now I can type effortlessly again. Think of that, I think I am going to pull out my foot bath massager today because I seriously need some pampering after this long week.
Last week I went to the Saturday Farmers Market in the morning, it is so worth it. Fresh produce, local farmers and Bioorganic veg are divine. Really want to keep that up because health is wealth. I looked it up and I am going to buy this gorgeous fruit stand to put in my kitchen I just love it!

My own little world..

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This morning, I am having oats porridge with honey and coconut almond milk :) I am so happy that I have finally come to terms with that I need to live gluten free to help my health. The keener I become, the more I notice how gluten can hide in unsuspected places, like yesterday I had not had gluten all day but found out that I actually had... It was in the Maggi seasoning sauce.. I really need to get rid of these nails.. so annoying to type don't know how other ladies do it man but anyway you must suffer for the beauty they say... I don't totally agree but hey stilettos are the most comfortable thing ever said no one never... I was looking up Kimora Lee Simmons this morning, I absolutely love her!! Her beauty, empire and just being a fab mummy! I used to be crazy about her clothing line too haha. Anyway, I am off to get ready going to check out some business premises, whatever I do today - I need to be fabulous doing it! This is my promise to myself <3 It is so funny because I am getting to a point in life where I feel like I only deserve the best of the best and people that know my life and history will agree because boy this world is cruel... And I need to pamper myself and treat myself not every now and then but every day all day! In every way I can, I will.
This woman is my inspiration in so many ways! Kudos to her