Monday lookbook: School run

So my casual style is pretty simple really.. leggings and trainers and a jumper with a comfy coat just comfy the trainers and coat are from Zara and I got maternity leggings on which are soo comfy love them nothing special really I love neutral colours and peachy hues as well..


 I’m seriously considering colouring my hair blonde guys, what do you think? 🤷🏻‍♀️
 either Ariana grande warm blonde

or Pia Mia full on beach blonde w highlights

What do you think??? 

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Beauty Hotlist 🛍

Soo another beauty product recommendation for all my fellow beauty product junkies outchea 😘 Thank me later ✌🏼

I absolutely love a nice hot shower in the evening, kids asleep, chores done, tomorow prep done and.... nice hot steamy shower with all my favourite beauty products 🤤 Gets me ready for bed for a sweet sleep although it’s technically tomorow today as it’s past midnight and I have to wake up 7am for school run and my lil baby will prob wake up two three times before then 😑 anywhooo wouldn’t have it any other way 😇 So I adore Dove scents and I think I started to particularly like Dove when they started that love yourself campaign I think we need more of that so I’m glad to support a brand that encourages natural becauty as oppose to the Bratz doll on assembly lines look that is basically taking over.. this shower cream does what it says on the bottle skin is soft and smells beautiful and I’m a sucker for sweet scents I love stuff that smell nice ..


I also use a firming scrub for my thighs and I also do my upper arms when I can be bothered but mostly just my thighs 


then I use Shea butter scrub on my belly as I’m pregnant and I use it to avoid stretch marks I use the whole Body Shop she’s butter range still to prevent stretch marks and so far it has really worked so 🤞🏼 I will let you know once I give birth 💁🏻‍♀️ but I recommend it because it makes skin so soft and smells gorgeously..


 finally I know I mentioned panda eyes I been using this eye roller and not sure if it’s working but I think so but I’m also taking naps during the day which I never use to PS took the pic with my salt lamp night light cus I didn’t wanna wake bubba up 🙃 it’s not showing clearly it’s called drops of youth eye roller from the body shop 


I’m also taking juice plus supplements for iron and everything really juice plus is good because it’s not synthetic supplements but natural ingredients and it makes my hair grow like crazy so strongly recommend those supplements too..


that’s all for tonight I need some chamomile tea 🍵 and some sleep 😴 

Good night good morning or good day either way stay good xoxo

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Product Hotlist 🛍

Tight and firm skin, yes please 🦄
My top skin firming and skin tightening products that actually work! I also love body wraps but they only work on water weight but it does help improve the look of the skin the more you use it so I would not recommend body wraps for weight loss but they are fantastic for firming and tightening the skin! I can testify of that! It’s the same with Epsom salts really they work on reducing water weight which is completely temporary but in the process it improves skin in my own opinion.. So my absolute fav products come from The Body Shop anyone that knows me knows that I am a body shop junkie really.. These products are tried and tested and I strongly recommend them especially for the thunder thighs and the peach 🍑 booties our there 😄 This is definitely my must haves after pregnancy 🤰🏻when my body needs all the support to bounce back beautifully my main focus is always tightening and firming especially because I breastfeed and it can cause quite rapid weight loss sometimes.. 🤱🏻
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