Monday lookbook: School run

So my casual style is pretty simple really.. leggings and trainers and a jumper with a comfy coat just comfy the trainers and coat are from Zara and I got maternity leggings on which are soo comfy love them nothing special really I love neutral colours and peachy hues as well..


 I’m seriously considering colouring my hair blonde guys, what do you think? 🤷🏻‍♀️
 either Ariana grande warm blonde

or Pia Mia full on beach blonde w highlights

What do you think??? 

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YAAASS!! After what seemed like forever watching the apology screen 😵 I finally got my hands on some few bits from the collection.. it was literally Naomi that  even got me excited bout this collection lol  managed to get these cute pieces although I reaaally wanted the sliders they went too quick but I’m happy with my mini haul 🎉 
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