Alkalizing water 💦🍋🥒

So I know I have been mentioning about alkaline water for a couple times and as I am having a sip I thought I would share the recipe that I use of course there will be hundreds of versions out there... I usually just down it with a straw and drink as much as I can in a day 🙂

Don’t know if everyone knows about acidic versus alkaline body balance etc but it’s def worth reading up on it! This water does not taste the best but it is not disgusting and it is quite refreshing 🦋


The ingredients for this cocktail are:

Lemon 🍋 
Mint 🍃 
Cucumber 🥒 
Bottled water 💧 
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Best delivery prep??

Did some serious squatting and my legs are sore and that means I am getting weaker so I thought of doing this challenge? What do you think? Exercising is the best thing you can do while pregnant alongside healthy eating and all that so I found this one which looks good 
So my baby is seriously big 🤰😁 I am actually thinking I need to prepare for the birth lol I want to do this challenge to make sure I am strong so that my delivery is smooth.. I always listen to my body though and I am already on my exercise bike but I need some challenge because I am not consistent really.. I want to do the squat challenge as well as 15min on the bike daily on the highest setting. If anyone want in! Join me 🙋🏻‍♀️🥇🥈🥉🚴🏻‍♀️
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Healthy and happy 👌🏽

My boo got me some glass bowls so I can upgrade my food blogging lol 😂 so sweet huh 🧔🏿 Soo without delay I snapped today’s lunch and bubba is having a nap so perfect time for some quick bloggin right 🤙🏼
300ml fresh spinach
100ml cherry tomatoes 
1 onion chopped
7 garlic chopped 
1 small finger size ginger chopped
500ml jumbo prawns
For this recipe I use sesame oil, like 1 tablespoon.
I boil the spaghetti according to instructions.
Fry the ginger and garlic then add onions then add the prawns then add the tomato in halves then add the spinach then I use 15ml Fish seasoning from Rajah and 1 vegetable knorr cube let simmer for 6-7min on low heat just when the spinach has gone soft and prawns pink.
Then I drain the spaghetti and add he sauce and mix!
Simple! 10min! Delicious! Healthy and... got me all happy 😆 
This recipe is my definition of fast food lol not burger and chips super quick and easy but it’s all about balance I mean yesterday I had burger and chips but I still think that’s healthy tho and My son loves it but I just check that the chips have no ingredients and that the burgers are 98% beef and 1% salt 1% pepper that’s it so basically just meat and potato right! I use Himalayan pink salt and 1kcal spray oil then pop in the oven and eat with veg and reduced salt and sugar ketchup and mustard.. So it’s all good not only salad every day! I wouldn’t eat it for dinner tho but for lunch why not 🍴 
And with that I conclude that fast food is healthy lol
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