Self love is the best love 💕

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Sooo all my mummies out there will know the value of interrupted baths AMEN? Lol one thing that I do to keep myself sane lol happy serene and yah sane is to have my self love ritual 😍 I love me some Azalea time.. me time
is literally the next best thing after good family time for me  ☺️ and my me time is usually my health and beauty routines like my baths.. yes I’m a bit ott and extra when it comes to my bath times but that my thing you know.. we all have our thing don’t we?? So I wanted to share what makes my bath time special to me and what I use to turn my normal baths to a luxurious spa mini getaway (in my head) 😂 My number one is scented candles I literally just use the multipack vanilla tea candles from Ikea (my favourite shop in the world) with cute tea holders and usually a bigger candle from different places with different scents depending on my mood.. then I use Epsom salt which is really good for the body apparently.. google it 😉 then I use essential oil I switch between lavender, lemon oil, eucalyptus or a relaxing blend.. then I use different bubble baths I usually go for good ones that say either stress relief, muscle soak, relaxation or whatever catches my eye in that kind of packaging 😋 then I also use super hot water of course not that good apparently but I don’t care I love it anyway 💁🏻‍♀️ then I usually put on a face mask before I get in the bath at the moment im using body shop tea tre face mask it’s leaves my skin minty and fresh. And al-most importantly I do a hot oil
treatment for my hair whenever I can not every time I bathe obv but as often as I can be bothered really lol I did one last time so how I do it I put the oil in hot water fresh from the kettle and leave it to heat up then I comb It in with a fine comb then I wrap my hair in plastic could be a plastic bag if you don’t have shower cap I prefer plastic bags to my shower cap because I can just throw it weather than trying to wash the oil out my pretty pink shower cap 😅 then you can bathe with the plastic bag then you can wrap a towel around your hair after. I like to leave it in as long as possible really depending on whatever I’m doing then I wash it out and condition and blow dry my hair with heat protector 😁 then Azalea
is a happy gal fresh and clean and pampered for the day haha some pics on how I do my hot oil treatment for guys 👀🙄 

My organic shopping at Lidl

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I’m really happy with my grocery shopping today, Lidl is really growing on me and I find so many organic Groceries as well as gluten free options and dairy free options so I’m really happy because I avoid gluten and dairy as much as I can and they are making it so much easier for me although haha I actually came
accross bernaise sauce which brought me home to
swedeeen dang forget that dairy free ish for a sec I needed that bad boy and cooked it straight away when I got home lol I even made a fancy lunch table for my boo *corny* I know lool oh well.. anyway I even got myself a weekend treat 💁🏻‍♀️ my fav chocolate, dark of course but very tasty😋 Hope you all have a blessed and wonderful weekend 😍😍😍 I just wanna sleeeeepp zzzzzzz but I’m doing a deep clean instead 😅 housework really is the best workout 🙄🙄 and honestly there’s no better feeling than a sparkling home 🏠❤️

I got tha juice

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 Juicing is a big part of who I am I would definitely describe myself as juicy loool anywho one of my absolute fav juicenis carrot juice with beetroot lemon and apple 😍😍 it’s so lush I made it only with carrots and apple today and I serve it with dinner for the family instead of packed juice the only super annoying thing is washing that bloody Juicer all the time it takes ages dang but health is wealth so has to be done what juice recipes do you recommend?? 😘😘😘