Same shit different day

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Haha, the title of this blog comes from this morning's inspiration.  As I was walking to the bus to go to work I read a bumper sticker that said just that Same Shit Different Day. I immediately thought that no that's not the outlook I want in life. Still, I can't say that this Thursday looks to be very different from how Monday looked, or Tuesday so on but I want each day to make a difference, like every day I am working towards pay day so really I'm one day's wages closer to my monthly pay which reminds me I need to call the tax office, these people are driving me nuts! Let me do that now actually :) After ages on the call, still did not sort that crap out. Anyway, I am on my lunch now. My friend is a chef and she had cooked beans and salmon which was so nice, will include my food diary separately so that I can keep track and ensure I get enough nutrients which remind me, I forgot to take my omega 369 supplements this morning and the Vitamin D and Folic Acid, will do that when I get home. My long nails are really annoying me and I am sticking to my normal natural length shellac gel nails next time. These long ass ballerina nails are not for me... I'm in IT for goodness sake all I do is type lol and these nails are getting on my nerve... Went to a coffee shop and had some hot chocolate, not the best really but oh well...

Manicure nude

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Found a better picture that reflects the nail colour, I kind of like it still but let's see might change might not.. Have to coordinate my packing because I'm travelling this week.. will update you dear blog as I go 😊 I love travelling but have airports haha both sure how that works but oh well.. 

Food Diary

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Wanted to start monitoring what I am eating to ensure that I get the variety needed for my little princess :)
So this will be a good platform we will see whether I will keep it daily or otherwise.
One slice of brown bread
2 eggs fried in coconut oil
3 cocktail chicken sausages
1 cup green tea with agave syrup
Salmon salad
Cup of  earl gray tea with 2 sugar and milk
1 slice of gluten free chocolate and beetroot cake
1 apple
1 banana
1 bottle of water