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Hello lovies, today is so chill... Sunday afternoon in bed with a luttle munchkin sleepin next to me I am feeling so happy she just makes me all loved up inside and she is soo tiny just cuteness overload. I am breastfeeding so I am up at night but its all good my son and his dad went to church after breakfast and I went to bed lol I am preparing to embark on my weight loss journey I feel like I am soon ready to go for it.. I dont feel pressure or anything to start but I cant wait to feel light energetic and fit it is the best feeling ever I am just praying my lil princess stats this calm n quiet so I can be shopping at malls soon lol I googled sweatsuits bit will wait until next year after breastfeeding due to dehydration. I want to loose weight steadily healthily and without the hype just quitting the biscuits cakes chocolates unhealthy snacks and overeating and sticking to a healthy food variety with healthy fats and lots of fruit veg and nuts.. I have swapped biscuits for nuts so far and I like it. I dont care about calories at this point just want good milk and organic stuff in my system.. I am trying to get rid of my stress so I cannot deal with pressure in anyway just yet. So my target is 60kg but I am quite tall so hope to get my legs toned and tight! More importantly I want peace of mind which you need a healthy lifestyle and healthy relationship with self. I am taking it day by day jist enjoying motherhood. I love it soo much I am so grateful to be a mum it is the best thing ever to happen to me! So amazing. To all mammas out there kudos and well done 😘😘

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